Paulomi Sanghavi Couture Jewellery
How do I store my jewellery at home?
Jewellery is best stored in the jewellery box in a non-humid place.
What is the difference between cleaning up and polishing?
Simple cleanup removes dust and finger prints from the surface of the jewellery.
Deep cleaning/polishing removes dust from the jewellery, leaving a perfect luster.
Where can I get any jewellery repaired?
At our store or any other authorized jeweller.
What is Rhodium plating?
Rhodium is a precious metal belonging to the platinium group.
Rhodium plating is a galvanic treatment used to deposit a thin layer of rhodium on the surface of the white gold jewelry, ensuring protection and brightness.
Can a stone be re-set or replaced?
If the stone is not damaged, it can be reset again. Also the stone can be replaced, but as far as the colour stones go, each stone is unique in colour, so there can be a slight colour change in the replaced stone.
Why do white gold rings get an off-white colour over time?
Mostly all white gold jewellery is rhodium plated. Over time this temporary finish tends to wear off naturally. We recommend a regular rhodium plating for the rings
Is it possible to have my ring resized?
Majority of the rings can be re-sized depending on the style and design of the ring.